The Halvorsen Club is dedicated to the preservation, restoration and enjoyment of the ‘Classic, wooden’ Halvorsen boats built by Lars Halvorsen Sons in Australia.

Club Patron Harvey Halvorsen


47’ Bridge Deck ‘Ku-Ring-Gai’

This photo was taken at the Classic & Wooden Boat Festival at the ANMM Darling Harbour

About the Halvorsen Club

Formed in 1991 by the late Honourable Dr. Derek Freeman The Halvorsen Club has over 100 boats and 150 members around the coast of Australia.

Proud owners are devoting endless hours painting, varnishing, chroming and generally preserving these proud and elegant boats.

There is great camaraderie in the Club and you would find the warmth and friendliness of all the members most worthwhile.



We publish a newsletter and regularly update the website to keep members informed of the comings and goings of the Club.

We also organise a variety of social events:

Technical Assistance

The club assists owners with technical information, recommended tradespeople and hold historical information regarding boat production.

With the pooled knowledge and resources of its 150 boat owner members, the Club offers a wide variety of technical services, historical information and social events for the benefit of its members.

We look forward to assisting you at any time.

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Contact us

We are happy to help you with enquiries.

Give us a call on 0417 213 533 or fill in the form with your questions of comments and we will get back to you.