Membership Details

There are two classes of members:

• Full Member
• Associate Member

Full members must own (or own a share of) a genuine wooden Halvorsen and have:

• the right to vote at club meetings and
• participate in all club activities including participating in raft-ups with their Halvorsen.

Associate Members are all other members and have no voting rights at club meetings. They can participate in all club activities including raft-ups (provided they are on a Halvorsen).

No member should join a raft-up of Halvorsens on a boat other than a Halvorsen. They can of course be nearby.

Voting rights are restricted to members who own genuine wooden Halvorsens constructed by Lars Halvorsen Sons Ltd and verified by the club’s archivist. Others who are interested in preserving “the legend” are welcome to join as Associate Members and participate in all club activities but acknowledging that Club Raft-ups will only include genuine Halvorsens.

Voting members at an annual general meeting may elect Honorary Members in recognition of past service. Honorary Members will have the same rights as Full Members.

Interested to become a member?



NSW Member: $60 per Annum

Interstate Member: $30 per Annum


Club Merchandise available includes:

(Prices include GST + postage/handling)